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FIFA president election Ginola took the lead out

According to media reports, the former French winger David ginola campaign FIFA President's actions at the end of 30 days in advance, because he could not placed in the deadline for submission of basic requirements of the campaign the nominated for at least five of the football association.

"Contrary to some reports, I have no retreat. Just like when I was a player, I will be in before the final whistle, all of my pay," ginola said. In the age of the players he has played at tottenham, Newcastle and Paris st germain club.

"Today, I have complicated feelings. Have disappointed, there is anger, but there is hope. I'm very proud of his campaign, football reform proposals put forward by the satisfaction of his own." He said.

So, for the fifth term of FIFA President sepp blatter, the next competition left four people, respectively is a former world footballer of the year, the Portuguese star luis figo, the Dutch federation chairman Michael van oprah, vice chairman of FIFA, Jordan, prince ali bin al hussein, and former FIFA executive is nirvana.

They all won the nomination at least five football association. The President election will be held on May 29 in Zurich. Ginola to an early exit in earlier announced that his team will return the raised campaign contributions from gold to his supporters.

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