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FIFA praise Evergrande defender is Asia champion

AFC Champions League has been started, the CSL will soon unveil the new season,and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is becoming more and more close. FIFA's official website put the focus on Kim Young-Gwon who is the Evergrande’s defender again on Thursday.The article called Kim Young-Gwon is one of Asia's best defender, however Kim Young-Gwon is unpretentious, and said to be down-to-earth to show their own strength in Brazil.

South Korea coach Myung-Bo Hong is preparing positively for war in June for the Brazilian World Cup, their team will go all out although there are a lot of difficulties.South Korea's up-rising star is the team's hope, and there’s no doubt that Kim Young-Gwon is the most notable one ,in recent years both his performance in the national team or club always give people an impression at the moment, he won the leading position in the team for his efforts.

For the World Cup’s prospect , Kim Young-Gwon has confidence in helping South Korea talent showing itself from Belgium, Algeria and the Russian team, "every opponent is very strong, their world ranking is higher than that of South Korea, the competition will be fierce. But whethergetting qualification to play next game depends on our fully preparation and performances on the pitch. This is an important year for me, in the AFC Champions League and the CSL, I will try to help Evergrande be a champion, and in the World Cup, I also hope compete with superior level of players. I hope I can keep a good sistuation, best not to hurt. The result is not important, the important thing is I can progress, I hope tomorrow will be better than today."

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