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FIFA or places in Asia will reduce the 2018 World Cup

Recently, the uefa plan calls for Russia in 2018 FIFA World Cup team assigned to 14 places, and confidence each other will give them a satisfactory answer. Uefa in the Brazilian World Cup scored 13 places, if FIFA to meet their demands, and then the next World Cup will have 15 European teams, because Russia as the host country will automatically advance to the finals, do not take up European football's governing body.

"If your objective evaluation for the fact that you feel we have a great chance to get in the next World Cup more than 13 places," uefa general secretary for every tino said, "the world's top 32 in 19 is Europe and in the last three World Cup champion European teams are different. Therefore, I think we have a quota is absolutely objective fair."

FIFA's executive committee will hold a special meeting on May 30, determine the allocation of places in the World Cup in 2018. Chinese fans concerned about most is, of course, Asia can keep the existing quota of 4.5. There is 3 years earlier Russian World Cup in Asia could only four place. Anwar says, quota allocation problem will be determined by the new commission after the FIFA President election.

In accordance with the provisions of the last World Cup, European has 13 place, due to host the next Russia, places will increase to 14. Brazil after the World Cup, there are three places in North America and the Caribbean uefa think of three teams in the group stages, is supposed to increase the quota of people. To represent their Asia's four teams didn't get a win, all ranked team in the end, so asked FIFA to reduce high qualification places in Asia.

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