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FIFA online 3 each position the strongest player

FIFA Online 3 is a with football as the theme of massively multiplayer Online game, belong to the simulation of sports game, is also a classic FIFA series of the third generation of Online football game. The game developed by EA Canada branch, the use of FIFA 11 games Engine and released by EA South Korea to Asia. The game series with FIFA FIFA official authorization of the organization. On the basis of the FIFA series of the next generation of technology, the game will reflect the world more than 30 league team's team as well as more than 40 countries 15000 players.

Zlatan ibrahimovic and suarez are speed, body, shooting, passing, feel is good center, an offside when pushing as well as the main entrance doors are very good, can the rival defender.

Cristiano ronaldo and bear is starting speed, good body numerical, competent, scoring ability, already pass good winger.

Wayne rooney has excellent physical confrontation ability and the ability to score goals has a foot passing ability, hidden attribute the playmaker can let he often came forward a foot strikes.

Toure and pogba belong to black is universal. Almighty numerical let them can do well on both ends.

We belong to the attacking side, great passing ability and the ability to attack let he can attack and winger two wingers blow down the other line. On the defensive ability is also very good.

Leather, belongs to the body well, defensive ability strong side, often can prevent the other side of the powerful winger, also have a had good passes on the offensive end.

Thiago silva and ramos is outstanding body, defensive ability is strong, fast and flexible defender, with the center of the other party is not at all a bad fight, is anchored team defense.

Neuer without a doubt the best keeper in the is, in reality often to defense beyond his own penalty area. He numerical and capacity are also leading in the game with other goalkeeper, at the last line of defense for the team.

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