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FIFA no longer allowed to smoke in from player transfers

In the upcoming 2015 season player transfer registration work will implement the new revised "the Chinese football association regulations on players' status and transfer.

Compared with the previous regulations revised in 81, fully connected FIFA for transfer. It is understood that the terms of the modified more by to protect the interests of the player.

Such as after "players in the three months prior to the expiration of the contract in order to contact the new club to negotiate a contract", make a lot of players in a relatively short period of time is difficult to find buyers.

The new rules, the player in six months before the expiry of the contract can negotiate the contract with new club, just can connect two transfer window. And the new rules, also clear transfer disputes, for the record contract with the football association will become the core of arbitration.

Converted to amateur players, players can no longer on the grounds that the national team on a free transfer. In the new rules, there is a very attract the club's preferential policy, the Chinese football association, the original charge management fees need not pay for transfer.

In accordance with the provisions of the football association before if player, the club of origin to the Chinese football association and the original local football association to pay a fee of 5% as management fees, which had paid 10%.

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