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FIFA is show business

In FIFA's cristiano ronaldo, messi and neuer for end of this year's golden globe three candidates, two days after the British media criticism this election has lost the spirit, is a product of the marketization and sponsor satisfaction show, is to make doing business.

They question the reason is that in the early November 14, the golden ball voting was ended, the national team coach and captain and media reporters have already finished voting, FIFA have long known that the winner is who, but now the three candidate list, but is to give the prize presentation ceremony of the next year on January 12, suspense, foil atmosphere.

FIFA's golden globe awards, for blatter FIFA President in May 2015 reelection campaign. More in order to make the influence of the golden globes, FIFA delayed two months to the results, which is called the vote two months frozen period, during the FIFA can do a lot of articles.

Casanovas believe that FIFA has long been known that cristiano ronaldo is a winner. Which three players in the final selection for calculating, have to statistics the votes of all the players, and in FIFA, on a computer, the secret and didn't get a good conservative.

Casanovas says, FIFA's voting must be changed. Right now is the high-tech era, completely can be done via the Internet, like talent show, the captain, coach, and media reporters of the vote at the same time announce who they vote for, so that you can avoid a lot of speculation.

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