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FIFA involved in antigambling crackdown build multilateral cooperation mechanism

January 20, 2016, the Chinese Football Association tournament held in Fifa Coins preventing and combating the manipulation of thematic working conference in Beijing. From FIFA, Ministry of Public Security, the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Football Association charge of relevant departments a total of 20 people attended the meeting. The meeting aims to establish a stable and efficient multilateral cooperation mechanisms, illegal betting and manipulation of the game to take effective prevention, and actively respond to and harshly.

Chinese Football Association vice chairman and secretary-general Zhang Jian, a full-time executive committee Lin Xiaohua, FIFA's chief security officials Mu Zeke Ralph, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau Huajing Feng attended the working meeting. Zhang Jian said that the current Chinese football in advance of "the overall program of reform and development of Chinese football," the environment, but also the need to combat illegal gambling and control aspects of the game with FIFA and the national ministries to strengthen cooperation. Ralph Mu Seck fully affirmed the work of the initiative in accordance with FIFA and AFC Chinese Football Association to carry out anti-handling competition standard. Huajing Feng said that in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security will be based General Administration of Sport and the anti-gambling crackdown to establish long-term working mechanism of the Chinese Football Association in 2010, to further strengthen cooperation, keep the pressure up, and resolutely combat and deter illegal betting and manipulation of competitions and other illegal activities.

During the meeting, the Chinese Football Association introduced in recent years in the game of football at all levels to vigorously promote the integrity and anti-manipulation game work, including: the establishment of long-term working mechanism of anti-gambling crackdown and Ministry of Public Security and the General Inspectorate to establish monitoring mechanisms league, league Before the start of strict access review, the latter to take effective measures to prevent the league match-fixing and tacit ball, to participate in the FIFA / AFC sports integrity training and conduct training in the country, the official website of integrity and fair play open football area and published reports channels . The move effectively curb the incidence of black fake gambling football, FIFA has made the outcome of the work of the Chinese Football Association, said full recognition.

FIFA Early Warning System leader Dr. Julie Norris describes the new situation and challenges of today's global anti-manipulation game face and on how to carry out the anti-manipulation game put forward constructive suggestions. Meanwhile, delegates to build depth and comprehensive cooperation mechanism was specific discussion.

Participants parties fully affirmed the positive significance of the meeting. FIFA chief security officials Ralph Mu Seck thanked the Chinese Football Association to promote the meeting, the Chinese Football Association certainly substantive results in preventing and combating manipulation of matches made. Lin Xiaohua said that China Football Association football cherish the hard-won development environment, and vigorously promote football integrity, safeguard the principle of fair competition, protect the healthy development of football. Chinese Football Association with the support of Ministry of Public Security, General Administration of Sport, and FIFA, and further improve and perfect the effective prevention, a positive response, to crack down on the multi-level working mechanism.

The meeting held that illegal betting and manipulation of match endangering football game fair and purity of cancer, contrary to the principles of fair play and sportsmanship spirit, this must be effective to prevent and resolutely crack down. Conference on the establishment of a stable and efficient working mechanism of fifa 15 coins ios prevention and anti-manipulation multiparty competition had a lively discussion, and put forward many constructive suggestions, such as the establishment of specialized agencies, improve information sharing mechanism, we do collect clues and judged, build large Event monitoring and early warning mechanism, smooth reporting channels, improve laws and regulations, strengthen the integrity and anti-manipulation of football matches propaganda, organize relevant training. To further promote the work of prevention and anti-manipulation game, at all levels of the year before the start of the professional football league, the Chinese Football Association will join FIFA, Ministry of Public Security and other ministries to organize prevention and anti-handling work for the National Football game industry practitioners Training Series.