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FIFA in the stadium stampedes said to provide all the help

Recently air defense of the stadium in the capital Cairo stampede, a total of 19 people were killed and 20 wounded. After the incident, the cabinet of Egypt announced the day delayed indefinitely domestic football matches at all levels. The football association on the second day of Egypt announced the start of a three-day mourning, and decided to give compensation to the victims' families. On the day of Egypt's President ceci expressed "deep sorrow" for the event, in a statement to the families of the victims expressed sympathy and condolences.

He ordered relevant departments to investigate the root cause of the events, identify those responsible, and take the necessary measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Egyptian football super league zamalek team and grace than the team on the eve of the thousands of fans trying to over the wall to enter the stadium without ticket, police used tear gas to disperse. After the two sides clashed, fans burned a police car, some fans in the crowd crowded and suffocated after trampling.

Since the port said Egypt in 2012 led to the deaths of more than 70 people in the fan after the riots, Egypt's domestic football league has not been open to the audience, on the day of the game is the league for the first time. Three years represent the massive crowd of Egypt, and received extensive attention of public opinion. Egyptian security expert Sam lachine, hu said, the decision of the football association to reopen the fans watching too, at the same time, he thought the police in the face of an emotional fans to take measures for no reason and not professional.

FIFA President sepp blatter wrote to the fa Egypt, Cairo earlier in the day to stampede the victims expressed profound condolences. FIFA waiting, he says, the survey results of the stampede. As long as the football association to Egypt, FIFA prepared to do everything possible to help.

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