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FIFA has agreed to open report of bribery

British media yesterday, according to FIFA's executive committee has agreed to open Michael Garcia fraud investigation report of the World Cup.

FIFA President sepp blatter said, however, the public report content is still after the abridged, reason is to protect the privacy of people surveyed. At the same time, he also made it clear that Russia and Qatar's World Cup bid will not be cancelled, unless there is a extreme cases such as earthquake.

FIFA had commissioned American Michael Garcia for 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid the fraud case in the process of investigation, the latter then filed a 430 - page report, the report but FIFA will shrink to 42 pages, and Garcia survey many situation were hiding.

Caused a global outcry, Garcia himself angry resigned from the position of the investigation team, widespread skepticism about FIFA in order to safeguard the interests of the Qatar to hide, report content requirement in full open Garcia's report.

Still, the public is still an abridged edition, the content of the British media pointed out that this is in order to protect the beckenbauer and others privacy, blatter said to protect the privacy of is to encourage people to tell the truth more in the future.

He also stressed that Russia and Qatar the host will not be deprived of, "there is no reason to overturn the will of the original, the next two World Cup has entered the agenda."

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