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FIFA goal of the evaluation of the candidate

This year a total of three goals in Brazil's World Cup, including robin van persie's diving header against Spain and J super volley in the match against Uruguay. Brazil's World Cup, the Dutch 5-1 victory over Spain in the group stage, when the Dutch team 1-0 down, blinder a terrific long ball to the box, robin van persie diving header, header across Spain goalkeeper iker casillas goal perfectly.

Is also a Holland against Australia, Australian veteran cahill teammates long exposure finish it on the run, the ball from the beam below the net. 16 Colombia against Uruguay, J lo in team-mate headed the ball from 25 yards, chest suddenly left foot after the ball, the ball rub the bar below the net. Other goals include November 23, 2013 the Spanish atletico 7-0 victory getafe, diego - costa in 10 yards from goal down against the door.

On February 15, 2014, against puebla, Mexico's serie a blue cross, Marco - Fabian after the area out of defensive player turned and clipped the top corner. Fans can be released from FIFA 10 goals in the vote, with the most votes will be published on December 1, FIFA three goals, and then the fans to vote, on January 12, 2015, FIFA will announce the final goal of most votes.

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