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FIFA football academy status or big changes

Recently, FIFA announced in May 1, the abolition of the professional third-party ownership, this reform will involve all of the players in the world, without exception.

The concept of TPO is pretty simple: any investors pay players club, to get the player transfer fees in the future. Now many of the club, especially some clubs, in South America or eastern Europe will be the club's list based on the so-called TPO.

And some well-known in the premier league club as Portugal has according to the formula of TPO operation for years, they imported from South America some strong talented players, and their skill mature as Europe's top league in transmission.

According to media reports in recent years, mendes inherent in recent years several important transfer has played a major role, such as cristiano ronaldo from Manchester united to real Madrid, J luo from Monaco to real Madrid, di maria from real Madrid to Manchester united, diego - costa from atletico Madrid to Chelsea, and so on.

However, in the long run, FIFA will TPO scrap will promote the benign development of the international football, this will encourage the players the club with great concentration of culture, because the club in the future will be taken from their own players got 100% of the transfer fee.

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