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FIFA do not think Manaus Olympic soccer

Rio has just said bocog 12, manaus, become the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio soccer candidate host city, but only a day later, FIFA is to say, said don't want this city is located in the amazon rainforest hinterland, where Rio is too far away, and is too hot.

Rio games, said in order to make more and more people into the Olympic family in Brazil, they put manaus, and Rio DE janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, el Salvador and belo horizonte as candidate host city football game together, these cities have hosted the World Cup in Brazil in the past year, but in the end what cities or by FIFA's decision.

3000 kilometers northwest of manaus in Brazil Rio DE janeiro. FIFA said in a statement: "support the use of the World Cup stadium, where the infrastructure is complete.

In view of the Olympic football game is only two weeks, however, FIFA have tended to make game city is close to Rio, as much as possible so that the teams as much as possible to experience the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. "

In addition, in Brazil during the World Cup last year, manaus, hot weather is also impressive, players in the game looks like two legs are weak, such as England, Italy and other teams are here to lose, in the outdoor sauna teams complain to extreme weather here as well.

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