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FIFA concern three methods handsome adventure in China

Beijing time on March 7, as the new season CSL background between hangzhou greentown and guangzhou r&f, combined with China's national team coach French perrin in January this year led in the Asian cup success.

FIFA's official website to "adventure," the three musketeers in China focus on the cool, perrin, and about three French players helped the progress of Chinese football.

Compared to about attaches great importance to the youth, white wizard in the interview, then points out the Chinese player on the pitch too honesty, lack of aggressiveness of fatal weakness.

For France coach football in China, troussier for international Answer quite a puff feel united's official website: "France coach is a good coach. No matter what went wrong, we don't simply ask the players how to respond.

When asked about the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, led Japan into 16 true because, troussier highlighted Chinese player fatal disadvantages: lack of aggressive "player in Asia, including South Korea and China players, they are all very honest, very obedient, but they are need to be more aggressive on the pitch.

This is also I spend a lot of time to the team to instill. In the technical level, Japan was already quite good, thanks to the rapid development of Japan's football in the 1990 s.

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