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FIFA chiefs promised to save the public trust

In recent years,as a variety of bribery door and offer Golden Gate let FIFA 15 reputation suffered enormous negative impact on the public, patriarch of credibility fell to the bottom, which FIFA Vice President Jeffery - Weber said in an interview, FIFA have come to reshape the image and a substantial reform of the critical moment.

Webber said: I ​​think today's FIFA is facing enormous challenges, among which the most important challenges is its image problem. I have to say that FIFA and the outside world not to communicate well enough, negative image has begun to affect the sport of football.

From the professional ethics is concerned, I think there are a lot of things FIFA need to do, we must reshape the image and the credibility of our people.refered to the formulation and implementation of the rules, we must stick our rules .

At the same time, according to the French Equipe disclosure, FIFA in Zurich recently introduced two programs Qatar World Cup kick-off time. One is moved to be held in January to February, and the other one is the change take place in November. In November this year, FIFA will meet again this Qatar World Cup organizing committee, the relevant representatives of the affected leagues and clubs are to attend the meeting.

Earlier, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has repeatedly stressed that Qatar does not want the World Cup held in the local hot or summer.

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