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FIFA anti corruption make Britain or resist the World Cup

FIFA for the World Cup bid corruption investigation report, angered England and Germany. This was originally considered for Qatar's survey report, finally made no mention of Qatar, says England suspected fraud. Then, England and Germany, said admiration FIFA not to publish a complete survey, and they will boycott the FIFA, resist the World Cup, even united Europe football association out of FIFA.

Because in the process of the bid to host the World Cup is widely suspected that Qatar has vote-buying, FIFA must therefore be launched a study of possible World Cup bid a corruption investigation. FIFA announced an investigation report, but the report did not mention to Qatar, key revelation is England in the two cases of irregular operations in the process of bidding for the World Cup. One is to have the right to vote of the Caribbean commissioner paid 35000 pounds of dinner meal, the other is in the summer of 2009, for Trinidad and Tobago U20 team set up camp in England.

Leading the investigation, however, American lawyer Garcia said, his investigation of some facts and figures, by FIFA deliberately distorted, FIFA selectively published only part of the cover up a lot. The violent reaction situation for England and Germany.

The fa, a former chairman of the Bernstein, called for the entire European football, a boycott of FIFA, resist the World Cup."Uefa member states should show the power to, they must consider the collective withdraw from the next World Cup."English, German response are obtained. German football league chairman Ryan, warned that if FIFA incomplete disclosure Garcia's survey, uefa 54 members may adopt the most extreme measures, that is out of FIFA.

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