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FIFA announced the coach of the year 2014

FIFA announced the coach of the year 2014, the last three people list, carlo ancelotti, joachim low and simone finalists. 2014 FIFA's coach of the year candidate list : in this year's World Cup, loew, led by Germany's way, eventually beat Argentina in the final, after 24 years has once again become the World Cup.

Carlo ancelotti is a breakthrough in the led real Madrid in the champions league, won the team s tenth European champions, in addition, he also led real Madrid won the king's cup and the European super cup, in the new season in the league, real Madrid are also in the top of the premier league. Simone leading atletico Madrid put an end to the league real Madrid Barcelona monopoly situation, for many years in the champions league, horse race also entered the final champion is very close for a time.

But ramos last time will be the match into overtime, and atletico Madrid also lost in overtime to real Madrid, won the runner-up, but simone's achievement is still there is no denying the fact. Simone also rate the team won the Spanish super cup, atletico is a big black horse European football last season. In 2015, FIFA will Jan. 12 in Zurich, uncovered the best coach winners and held a ceremony.

Simone led the squad is not luxurious atletico Madrid last season has created a stunning achievement, la liga win over real Madrid Barcelona's monopoly over the years, unprecedented reached the final champions league with real Madrid on a Madrid Derby, although ultimately could not obtain the champions league, but is a la liga is enough to prove the greatness of simone.

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