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FIFA Ultimate Team Mode Introduction

FUT the new mode will challenge your club management and team capacity. In the special conditions of the formation of a team, you need to complete the challenge and in exchange for the reward within the game.

You can complete the challenge on the host and raise the club, or move it to FIFA 17 supporting application to continue to play. Now it is available on Android, IOS and windows phone to download.

FUT champions: In the FIFA ultimate team new competition mode, fight for your honor. In a week to participate in tournaments with a number of different team restrictions. Success of clearance will be able to win the award and get into the weekend league qualifications. Participating in the weekend league will allow you to win some of the best rewards in the FIFA ultimate team.

FUT players in the lineup will be connected to the line. It is roughly that the neighbors will be connected by the line, which means that they will produce a tacit understanding. This tacit comes from the club where the player is real and the nationality.

If the two reached one, the connection line between the players is yellow, which means that their cooperation is a good understanding; if even with the same nationality, then the connection is green, cooperation will reach the peak of the understanding.

Each player has his own position, the player must understand the location of the players clearly on the player card, and then arrange their stations. If it is corresponding to the player card on the station, then the player to the team's strength will be greatly improved. If it is wrong place, then the score appears to be not high.

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