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FIFA Is Surprisingly Well On The Nintendo Switch

The signs for FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch were not outstanding on the news at first: No Frostbite engine, so that no Journey mode and who knows whether that is still fun at all. According to the first alliance reports, FIFA is surprisingly well on the switch, in particular the graphics are better than expected.

As we have already said, FIFA 18 on Nintendo's switch has to deal with some drawbacks to the "big" console versions: Thus, the Frostbite engine with the bound Journey mode did not reach the hybrid console, but hope remained FIFA Ultimate Team as well as the view of 1080p resolution in dock mode.

The fact that Electronic Arts could not disappoint the hope of a (almost) full-fledged FIFA on the road, are shown by first first-round reports. Even if the latest engine is not available for the Switch, current gameplay features such as the new cross-system are still included in the switch version.

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It is emphasized that the high-gloss game, which will be played on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, is not enough to be a quasi-mobile football experience. The graphics are better than on the old consoles, and in particular the 60-FPS performance should be emphasized. This is held in the 720p handheld mode, as well as in 1080p on the TV.

The game modes obviously do not show obvious weaknesses. The most popular mode is available with the popular FUT mode, as well as features that are available exclusively on the switch with local multiplayer sessions. For an offline experience, however, there is also a career mode on board. The control works well for all of this, regardless of the controller selected.

Whether the positive impression on the switch can also be confirmed in the finished game, you will be on 29 September this year, when FIFA 18 for the various platforms appears. And http://www.imfifa.co store offers Cheap FIFA 18 Coins online for you!