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FIFA Club World Cup does not pay by themself

Earlier this week, FIFA have sent a letter to all members of the association, including the Chinese football association, or whoever interested in bidding for the 2015 and 2015 in 2017 and 2018, the world club cup a member of the association, shall deliver the bidding for the letter of intent on March 30 this year submitted to FIFA. Caterer's bid to host the condition clearly put forward, however, must be in accordance with the standards of $25 million a year pay deposit to FIFA, two year over us $50 million, or about RMB 300 million yuan.

QiJun, director of the Chinese football association JingSaiBu [microblogging] interpretation to the Beijing youth daily reporters said, "and men's and women's football World Cup, state such as top event won the FIFA world youth championship in different, club World Cup is defined as' of a color management important games, FIFA does not undertake BanSai fees, but by the host will take BanSai fee and ChiZhuHang team and bonus." QiJun also revealed that in the event of a local football association, club, or domestic enterprises interested in funding the bid, the Chinese football association will actively cooperate with.

But considering the nature of the game itself is club tournament, the Chinese football association will not through the bidding for the "bet" their team to get good grades. In addition, the state general administration of sports and football management center responded to an appeal by the relevant state and on the bidding for the events is very pay attention to thrift, therefore the Chinese football association will not bear club World Cup BanSai expenses.

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