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FIFA Announced the Best Goal Candidate List

FIFA on the official website announced the Puskas Award for the best goal award candidate list, Barcelona two kings Messi and Neymar nominated the list. Pusk Awards is named by the Hungarian legend Puskas, was founded in 2009, in recognition of the past year, the world's best goals in football. The first Puskas won by C Ronaldo.This is Messi fifth shortlisted candidate list, but never won the prize.

Messi's goal this year was scored on the June 21, 2016, when the centenary of the America's Cup Argentina with the US team's semi-final, Messi in the 32nd minute into a very beautiful free kick the world wave; Neymar short-listed goal was scored on November 8, 2015, when Barcelona and Villarreal's Primera Liga 11, 85 minutes Suarez cross from the left, Neymar get the ball and pick the defensive player right foot volley break net.

FIFA has opened the official website of the voting channel, the December 3 candidate list will be reduced to three. January 9, 2017, FIFA will be held in Zurich at the awards ceremony announced 2016 Puskas Award winner. Now, buy FIFA Coins on www.imfifa.co, you will get a lot of discount.