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FIFA 19 Will Have Inside The Europa League And The Champions League

For Konami it is a very hard blow: there was in fact the firm belief that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 could reduce or even cancel the gap with FIFA 19 , and the loss of the license for the Champions League  - one of the few that the Japanese company could boast of rivals, much more provided by this point of view - could nip in the bud the Japanese company's attempt to return to the leader in a market that for a long time saw her dominating.

I'm not sure the licenses to orient the gamers to one or the other title: on balance they are much more important factors such as playability, graphics and realism. It is undoubted, however, that even the ability to take advantage of certain stadiums, be able to dress certain shirts or play certain competitions - FIFA 19 in addition to the Champions will also as usual all the major championships in the world - increases the appeal of a title and can give the necessary boost to whom every year is in doubt about which game to prefer.

This resounding delivery was announced, however, since it was known for some time that Konami and UEFA had not renewed the agreement and that the latter would certainly turn to the Electronic Arts: the producers of Pro Evolution Soccer had said not to be worried, arguing that the blow would be absorbed with a spectacular game and treated in detail. It remains to be seen whether it was a matter of factual phrases or if there was real conviction, and only time can tell us: in September the now eternal challenge between PES and FIFA will be renewed again.