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FIFA 19 Will Be Landing To Switch May Have Enhanced Visuals But Will Not Run On Frostbite

Don't worry EA FIFA fans, FIFA 19 will probably be landing to the Nintendo Switch again, and with vastly improved graphics according to series supervising producer Andrei Lazarescu.

In line with FIFA fans web-site DreamTeam article, Lazarescu says that FIFA 19 around the Switch is going to be operating on a custom engine once again with huge improvements. "The intent was never to possess a one-off custom engine that we're never ever going to touch once again," mentioned Lazarescu. "It was to have that as a baseline and after that make from there."

This indicates that when once again FIFA on the Switch will be ignoring the Frostbite engine the other console versions of FIFA will presumably run on. But this doesn't mean we'll by no means see Frostbite on the Switch ever. "I'm not closing the door on that possibility. Nonetheless, we didn't need to develop a dumbed-down version in the Frostbite engine," explained Lazarescu.

FIFA 19 hasn't been officially announced yet, but we understand that the game will almost certainly be coming sometime this year. When there are actually no specific information, quite a bit of new content could come to FIFA 19, such as a achievable take care of UEFA following its 10 year take care of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer ended this year.

Appropriate now, EA is busy with FIFA 18's totally free FIFA 2018 World Cup update which coincides with all the actual FIFA  2018 World Cup in Russia this year. While the World Cup update had some new content, our site will tell you in time.