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FIFA 19 Does not Suppot Cross_Platform Play Currently,But May Be Achieve In The Future

As you konw, Both of Fortnite and Rocket League support cross-platform play,this feture allows players on different platforms to play online, many FIFA fans hope FIFA 19 will have this feature like them. but FIFA 19 doesn't support cross-platform play currently,this is disappointing to most of FIFA fans, but don't blame the developers,they did was good enough. According to an interview with one famous game website, those working on FIFA 19 would like to see the feature included.

FIFA 19 Creative Director Matt Prior seemed to point blame squarely at first-party policies. "It's something we've looked at, and it really is some thing we normally speak about," he told interviewer. "There are a lot of concerns to perform by means of. I'm trying to become diplomatic right here! You can find a good deal of problems to perform via with a variety of very first parties. From a customer standpoint, it tends to make the neighborhood that substantially broader, which tends to make it that substantially far more compelling."

When asked if cross-platform assistance would ever be included in FIFA 19 or any future FIFA games, Prior sounded hopeful. "It's some thing we're conscious of," he said. "I'm not making any promises. But you've observed that cross-platform play take place for the very first time really recently. If you'd asked me that a few years ago, I'd in all probability have said, "it's not going to occur. We'll monitor and see.' I think it could be a net advantage towards the customers one day!"

As of right now, FIFA doesn't even support a cross-platform account technique. This means your FUT progress and purchase are all tied to a person method. You can not play on an Xbox 360, then pick up your Switch where you left off. Hopefully the challenges with very first parties Prior mentioned might be resolved rapidly.

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