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FIFA 18 tips in defense and FUT

Some FIFA 18 players claim that FIFA 18 defensive pattern is broken - mainly FIFA 17 players don't know the new tough attack.

In fact, once the new solution is mastered, it will improve greatly. The key is to extend the slider button longer than a second before the challenge, instead of hitting it as often as in previous years. Think of it as a charging street fighter; it's reading the game in advance rather than reacting to it.

There are also ways to increase your chances of making key blocks around Burnley style and around the box. One is to deploy a 4-4-2 (2) formation using two CDM projects above 6ft 2in. They will help you block your centre-back, and their size means that the extended legs can deflect many targets. It's like Tony pulis's dream. Try using the right stick instead of L1 / LB to switch between players. It requires you to choose who controls the hands of AI instead of putting it on your body.

Height is the most important goalkeeper attribute. Rivera said they are the players' masses. How big they are in their strength attributes. We combine these values to determine the strength of these people. The bigger the player is, the better he will be.

There is a simple reason. Russell brand is considered to be most super goalkeeper. Their height allows them to achieve their statistics beyond the scope of Suggestions. Fraser foster, at 6ft 7miles, although his 78 OVR is also a giant.

From other major league, Costel Pantilimon (la liga 6 feet 7 inches), Michael Esser (Bundesliga, six feet, five inches) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (Calcio A, 6 feet 5 inches) is worth of consideration for your career mode and/or FUT squad.

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