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FIFA 18 Will Include Two Features That Delights The Fans



As we know, FIFA and PES are a pair of born opponents. Both of them  have their own fans, To be honest,  the PES did much better than FIFA, but Ea occupy much more market than PES since FIFA11 series,. Many PES fans said, PES make better sense of gameplay, better like real and better details of game, but FIFA fans do not admit, they said, FIFA have much content richer, more playable, at last, both of  sides can't persuade each other. As a FIFA fan, I have no reason to support FIFA certainly ,in the annual football game masterpiece, what surprises content  will FIFA18 give us this time?  And yes, it will integrate us a function that fans have been waiting for many years. FIFA 18 promises us many beautiful things, whether he will keep his promises.

We told you earlier a chance to play with a real fashion increased on the next play FIFA 18 , and therefore today we unveil what will be built at the famous football game. This is one of the things that most often comes from the community FIFA , so the opportunity to enjoy during games to real-time weather. And the series FIFA could make a coup by offering us this. Never integrated into the game from the developers of the FIFA series, the weather in real time novelty may well finally make its appearance in the game FIFA 18 . With this innovation, the company EA Sports could delight his fans.

How about weather operation based in Frostbite Engine?
As we announced that FIFA 17 would soon be free with EA and Origin Access earlier last month of April , FIFA 18 still reveals many very interesting news. Managing the weather could be integrated through the use of the Frostbite Engine in FIFA 18 . The graphic engine Frostbite Engine is already used on the popular Battlefield. Both say that a novelty as it would radically change the encounters against other teams. Depending on weather conditions, the pace could be totally upset. And the fate of the party would not be the same in sunny than rainy condition. So it could have a real impact on the game you will do. Either to your advantage or disadvantage, so you need to review your tactical weather permitting.

The Adventure mode also will be back!
It is also likely that the Adventure mode, opened with FIFA 17 makes also a return to the game FIFA 18 . It will invite the players and of course, to follow the evolution of the young recruit that you control in this mode. In addition, this Adventure mode, now in its second season, so obviously would not Hunter. But so with many new features and new improvements. A rumor is currently running the EA Sports studio can also integrate Chinese division a number in the game FIFA 18 . Moreover, it is even possible that it can also re-enter the Fiesta mode. This mode had already appeared but unfortunately it was removed from the game FIFA 12 . Indeed, the Fiesta way allowed you to put handicaps for multiplayer games.And you, on this new FIFA 18 gives Did you want or not to play?

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