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FIFA 18 UT Mode Players Trading Tips

What is needed to be paid attention in player trade of FUT? This article will teach everyone FUT players trading skills. You can master the trend, choose time points to improve economy income. The specific operation is talked in this article.

Imfifa once used Litmanen with medium configuration, an African. But now the value of the club is about 600 Million. Gullitra is not in consideration. Most legend imfifa has played. 24K FIFA points can be exchange for at most 30 Million FIFA coins. That is to say you can earn 200 million FIFA coins by trading players. Let imfifa sum up a few tips to share with you.

1. The most important one tip is that to open package with FIFA coins. If you do not have money, ignore this guide to see next.

2. Buy favorite players before going to FUT exchange to search player price trend, grasp the market conditions, and psychologically set the lowest price of the player. Take Griezmann for an example, in my psychological the price is 40 million. So if you search him with price of 400k, buy him immediately. Do not hesitate. Do not fantasy to buy lower ones.

3. If you want to make money, be sure to download the mobile app. Spend time to stroll market when you are free. To study market is useful for you always.

4. It is hard and tired to forecast black cards. You may only earn hundreds of thousands by spending half one day. Imfifa used $3 to play FIFA until now by trading legend to make money. Of course, the premise is that you should know the market.

So as long as you have energy, and are willing to spend time, playing will all legend players is not a dream. Imfifa wish you all can play happily!