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FIFA 18 Transfer Preparation in Selling Players

Selling ​​players relative to purchasing players is a little bit complexer. You have to decide which players to sell by your own analysis. Generally the following indicators decided to sell or not to sell.

Contract issue: In general, players are willing to negotiate with you for renewal in the contract period at least half a year left.

During this period (at most one year), you can initiate a renewed negotiations at any time to the player who is about to end the contract. As long as you meet his renewal conditions, the other will promise. But some players struggled in this issue. They will make decision only a few days before the contract to expire, so you must have patience.

But some players may because of their age, or often can not play the main, they have long been disheartened to your team, and have found a new team. Then these players can not renewal. At this time, you can take advantage of contract period to sell them, so as not to let them leave as a free agent.

Tactical system issue: Some players are not suitable for your tactical system, or you find that a young army can replace a player, you can choose to sell them.

Age: When a player reaches to 36 years old, they will start thinking about retirement. Retired players, money can not lure them. As for how to judge a player when decommissioning. The most obvious feature is that they choose "one year contract". You will find some veterans, they do not want to sign a few years contract, only willing to sign a year, which means that they may will retire after finishing this season.

So imfifa.co suggested that whenever a 35-year-old veteran is willing to renew for a year. Ater signing the contract, immediately sell him, then you can make much money. After all, he may retire after a year, when you can get nothing.

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