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FIFA 18 Tips That How to Defend Against Pace

Pace is an obscene word in FIFA world. Many of us have to load a ultimate team of online game, and was met by a terrible speed opponents. The location of the strike is to ensure that the sweat does not stop dumping.

In the game, we all laughed at "p-word", but how do you stop the team from ignoring the team's balance to stay agile throughout the game?

The Bleacher Report has asked a series of top FIFA players to answer the question. While the processing speed may be overwhelming and unrelenting. There are some tricks that can make the battle good for you.

While most players can rely on defensive Settings to provide a certain level of resistance. How can you maintain a consistent attack threat while remaining tense? "Be aggressive and try to read as much as you can," said Sean Dragonn Allen, Lightning's competitor. If you win early, there will be a chance to fight back.

Hasib BosnianMonster11 is the top 100 FUT champion on the PlayStation 4. The effective way to deal with speed is not to let the opponent take the ball. The speed of defense is difficult, especially if you don't have a first-rate FUT player, which is hard to achieve.

Every problem has a solution, in the form of defensive possession football, or cooperate with the opponent's formation. Personally, we like to use the 4-2-3-1, this let us hit the ball style. There are also two defensive midfielders who will soon be able to keep up with. You can switch them to cut off the incoming line passing lanes."

Jamie Jamboo Rigden is West Ham's a electronic athletic player. He also points out that the need to read the game immediately. The only way to stop the pace is manually switch to the defender, stop passing or track runners. It is also effective to clear the goalie out according to the position.

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