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FIFA 18 Switch Version Finalized Launch Date

Recently, former Manchester United defender Ferdinand with FIFA18 players came to the Chelsea Cobham training base, Chelsea Halfback Luis is not satisfied with his shot score.

Before announcing the score, three players Hazar, Louis and Christensen first predicted their scores respectively. Hazar is satisfied with his FIFA 18 score. His ranking is ranked 8th in all players, but also the best of the Premiership. Lewis joked Belgian friends must work in the game maker.

Louis is not satisfied with his score. Although the total score has risen, the speed has dropped from 73 to 70. However, the most uncomfortable Brazilian is that he shot a score of only 64, even lower than the 66 of the Canter. "It 's impossible," said Louis, "it' s impossible for you to see if we are trained, even if my left foot is stronger than Canter 's right foot."

This morning EA and Nintendo jointly announced that FIFA 18 Switch version will be synchronized with other versions of the game on September 29 on sale. This message leaves many Switch players a long wait.

The FIFA 18 Switch Edition supports most of the unique handle controls of the system and will support the most important FIFA Ultimate Team, Kick Off, Career and Local Season mode. But PS4 and XB1 version of the story mode "journey: hunter return" do not support.

The FIFA 18 Switch is 1080P / 60 frames, while in the handheld mode it is 720P resolution / 60FPS. As to the screen naturally you do not need to have too much worry.

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