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FIFA 18 Switch Version Exposed New Cover

FIFA 18 Switch version will be available on September 29 for synchronization with other versions of the game. And EA recently exposed the real version of the game, through the comparison it can be seen, the cover character C Ronaldo's shape has changed.

The FIFA 18 Switch Edition supports most of the unique handle controls of the system and will support the most important modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, Kick Off, Career and Local Season. But it does not support PS4 and XB1 version of the story mode Journey: Hunter Return.

FIFA 18 supports the base and portable mode gameplay. In the base mode, FIFA 18 Switch version is 1080P / 60 frame, and in handheld mode is 720P resolution / 60FPS.

FIFA 18 will be available on September 29, landing on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Compared to EA's FIFA 18, Koley's PES 2018 has been available on September 14th. It is time for two football king games to contest.

By contrast we can find that the two games although the subject matter and scene design can not be differentiated, the screen is different. EA's FIFA 18 uses a frost engine to create, it brings a more realistic character facial detail and natural light system, and the dynamic fuzzy effect is also in place.

But on the other hand, PES 2018 compared to the previous work also has a lot of progress on the screen, such as character mode enhanced obviously, some scenes of light used more shocking atmosphere. PES did not fall behind of FIFA 18. But of course, players can see both of the excellent pictures showed. Imfifa believes you must have your answer.

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