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FIFA 18 Super Progressive Player

FIFA's real part lies on ratings that are set according to the player's true level. User can determine players' ability based on their rating. In FIFA 18, which players have a significant increase in ratings?

Galliardini - Inter Milan
FIFA 17 Capability: 61
FIFA 18 Capability: 78
In January this year, the 23-year-old midfielder Gary Jardini, who was loaned to Inter Milan, was able to play a number of positions in the midfield, including midfielders, defensive midfields and midfielder. Last season in Inter he played 18 games, contributing 2 goals and 1 assist. This Italian is always energetic in the field, just like a tireless midfielder. With excellent performance, eventually he stayed in the Nerazzurri. EA will enhance his ability to 17 points, which is the second highest in all players in the ability to enhance the value.

Matthew de Trier-Ajax
FIFA 17 Capability: 63
FIFA 18 Capability: 76
Only 18-year-old Ajax teenager Delhi Hurt in the field of staff defender, the current height has reached 188cm, with a strong body, he also has excellent passing field of vision. Dutch football may be in a trough, but this does not affect the development of their football talent. In last season's European Cup final, Delhi Hurt played as the main defender. Only 18 years old, he has become the main player of Ajax, we can see his a promising future.

Mbapi - Paris Saint Germain
FIFA 17 Capability: 71
FIFA 18 Capability: 83
This list of course, ultimately, this genius striker, by virtue of the excellent play last season, his ability to rise from 71 to 83. Rented to Paris Saint-Germain, he still played his talent, the current league played 5 times, contributed 2 goals 2 assists, the Champions League played 3 times, scored 2 goals and sent 2 assists. At the same time, he also nominated for this year's European Golden Boy Award three candidates list. If you want to play the ultimate team mode, Mbap is an essential player card.

FIFA 17 Ability: 67
FIFA 18 Capability: 78
In 2015 when only 18-year-old Toussar joined Lyon with 2.5 million euros. Now he has become the team's trusted defensive midfielder. This season he played in the French court 804 minutes, has been close to last season's playing time of five percent.

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