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FIFA 18 Secondary Defending Tips

EA Sports renewed some defense for FIFA 18. These secondary hints will highlight some of the changes they make to this particular defensive approach.

Previously, the EA movement only lets you say that the player continues to curb the Angle of a player, they only position themselves between the player and the ball. This year, they have allowed players to cover passing routes and the AI defenders are now more intelligent. This will be a very influential defense as always. Below you'll find a second containment technique.

This combined with horse racing is the best way to defend against FIFA 18. Now, defense requires skill rather than people relying on AI to defend them! So it's important to use the right buttons and techniques.

Control a person away from the ball where you think the play is going to go. By doing this, you're holding secondary containment. It really helps cover a wide area.

If you just don't let go of the button and hold the second container, the same players will chase, chase, chase. So you have to let it go, and then press the button to get a new switch. If they are more close to the ball player to pressure the ball.

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