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FIFA 18 Player Transfer And Lease List

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When you have unwanted players, it is necessary to consider selling them before half a year or more in their contract period. Directly in the team center click on the player, choose to move to the transfer list, then you can sell the player.

In general, the scout will remind you from time to time which player should be sold or suggests to accept the offer of other clubs. If you do not need these reminders and suggestions from scouts, you can choose"block the proposal" to close the scout's transfer transaction notice.

Some players, they are relatively young and have a certain potential, but in your team they can not play as main force. Then you can consider leasing them out to give these players a chance to increase game experience and earn some rent. But you have to remember that the rental of the player's salary is paid by you. So you'd better set the rent doubled or more of the player's salary so that the salary part is also passed on to the leased club, then you can earn benefits from it.

When the loan player's strength to be significantly improved, you can recall him as your right player. Or you can directly sell them near the expiration of the contract.

In addition, scouts and players will also give you a rental proposal, if you do not need these proposals, you can choose "block the proposal" to close the rental notice.

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