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FIFA 18 Passing Skills Summary

Triangular short pass
Way: left joystick + A key
Introduction: Since FIFA 16 the accuracy and speed of triangular short pass was strengthened, which is very suitable in the backcourt range.

Triangle short pass is not necessarily limited to the fixed three individuals, but the triangular range is easy to find the local position of the break, rather than the choice of large-scale transfer (turn).

Triangle short pass focuses to send the ball to the next player as soon as possible, so the left joystick selecting the direction should be accurate, and then with the A key with right strength to pass.

In the auxiliary settings, select the angle of assistance and force support, to enhance the accuracy rate of triangles pass.

Note: triangular short pass will easily fall into rolling in state, especially to participate in some domestic FIFA tournaments. There are restrictions on their own half that it can only be 10 feet pass. Then we must carefully choose the triangle short pass, so as not to violate rules of tournaments.

If you just face AI or ordinary players, then the triangular short pass can adjust some of the rhythm of the event, seeking a better transmission or breakthrough.

Throw a ball
Way: A key, X key, LB key
Introduction: press the A key for short distance, press the X key for long distance. Press the LB button to control the other players to walk.

Throwing the ball, in a very small semicircle range, the opponent can not run close, so the safest way is to let the ballless players run into the security range circle.

Note: when throwing a ball, as long as you choose right direction, generally you will not make mistakes to pass the ball to the other. But it is important to note that when the player takes the ball, you go to the A key. It is possible that the player will throw the ball in your current direction immediately after being in place.

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