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FIFA 18 Evaluation

FIFA 17 is full of bold, eye-catching ideas in which bear the brunt is the Journey mode. This plot mode is very pioneering, telling a story that a young and full of hope for the future Alex Hunter obtains reputation and fame.

Although the story is very short, for us it is very novel. What's more the game added Frostbite engine helps to see more detailed presentation of the athletes, stadiums and lighting effects. These have laid a solid foundation for the next work.

FIFA 18 whether it is good or bad, FIFA 18 is regarded as the basis for the consolidation of the predecessor. It improved directly on the basis of the previous generation, in which the most obvious is the plot mode The Journey: Hunter Returns. It took the previous "football journey" story, continuing to tell us story of the football prodigy.

Last year Hunter had just entered the stage. This year, he and the best players played together to win the Premier League trophy.

One year later, he became more confident, but still the endearing Hunter. You will can not help but hope he can succeed. After all, we watched him all the way to work, grow up. At the beginning of the plot, he and Jristiano Ronaldo joked with each other to accept Rio Ferdinand's talks with some of the world's largest football club members talking about gossip rumors.

Players feel that they are not in control of Hunter games. Compared with the more clumsy "soccer journey", the mode has made some improvements, such as the game animation and Hunter game time adjustment. But the overall experience of this mode has not much improvement.

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