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FIFA 17 the New Story Mode

FIFA 17, in addition to conventional games, the biggest selling point of this new work is The Journey mode, which is the real-world simulation FIFA series for the first time to join the story mode, the player can play a virtual image created by the game: 17 year-old British African-American teenager Alex Hunter, in his capacity to choose any Premier League team, from his experience to become a star of the unknown journey.

But in fact, Journey pattern is a new platform for FIFA pattern implant sponsor. First of all, Alex Hunter's life history and Manchester United close, he is the story of Manchester United legend James Hunter grandson, and to please the EA partner Premiership, Premier League all the stadium and head coach have been incorporated into the game plot - the game, Alex Hunter initially comes with a base friend Walker, they will follow the Fifa 17 Points story against, and in the FA Cup final showdown.

Another key to meet is Adidas. When your Alex Hunter in the game to a certain level (according to the official statement, about 10 hours of game time), Hunter will get Adidas endorsement contract, get Adidas custom shoes, and appear to help Adidas advertising Of cutscenes. You can see a little green Sentimental Alex Hunter in the advertising shooting scene that Adi this season's advertising language, First never follow.

Compared to "live football", EA Sports's "FIFA" series of selling point has always been a lot of real-world elements, players can operate their favorite team in the game, players, major events, all must restore the real world, including home Attack. All this requires the EA to obtain the authorization, from the football club, to sponsor the brand, and even the famous stadium.

The new work is special, they want to let you experience the full details of the real life of the player, and through a virtual role to complete, which also joined some of the elements to develop the game, players can choose Hunter post-match interview answer, for example, according to the different options, will affect the Hunter's character, and have different plot.