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FIFA 17 Pumping Package Experience Analysis

FIFA 17 pumping package is actually luck, good luck will be able to draw a good player, basically no skills, but many players are looking for some experience of pumping package, this time for everyone to share FIFA 17 pumping package experience.

First of all, I take out the 2, twelve thousand, a five hundred and twenty - five hundred and twenty. Get the money to buy the following lineup! I give you the proposal is the sub-pumping package, my first 12,000 is a one-time pumping out the results of a Degea, followed by pumping pumping I am a sub-pumping, and the effect is excellent, once 600 Green Point Only took 450 out of Chiellini and Kanter! Talk about how sub-pumping package, that is, you play the game that time do not charge the green point on the one-time full pumping, according to how much red green point to determine the number of packets per time, for example, charge 12,000 points, One pumping ten packs and then kicked a game and then pumping ten packets, so go on, anyway, is to take 12,000 points as 120000 points to use.

My experience is that the probability of each pumping package is almost the same time you Pumping a pack and pumping dozens of packages is about the same effect, it is better to divide it into more probability, so that the opportunity to get a good player has increased! Ea card package so much, 12,000 points and 150 points, the probability of no difference in my opinion, the key is that the probability of winning different time slots will be different! Facts tell me that the effect is good to play, but also hand addiction pumping package, playing the game has become happy!

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