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FIFA 17 Pro Club System to Improve the Details

FIFA 17 has a new player growth system, can better train players. Pro Club mode villain growth system will be completely changed, the new system in the post-match player rating will be more realistic as the focus on team and cooperation. This will really reproduce the real world for football is the ultimate part of the team.

After each game you will get the game players score (out of 10 points), according to the game you play the position of the players ability to focus on the growth rate. For example, a striker's shooting ability to grow faster than a defender. You can visualize the ability of the players through the chart, after each game you can track the player's property growth.

You can give the player by adding a variety of features to let him have a deeper growth, increase the characteristics will spend skill points, and skill points will need to get through the game. Player characteristics are classified into: body, defense, dribbling, passing, shooting, speed and goalkeeping. You may want to have a strong hand throw characteristics or faster, then you need to customize your Fifa 17 Points player characteristics. The skill points spent on each feature will vary. Regardless of league or cup, for your opponent you need to make more reasonable features.

FIFA 17 Pro Club mode will be able to customize the jersey and team logo for your club. You will be able to choose from 24 jersey templates, jerseys have the main color, secondary colors and the third color allows you to freely match. This will make your club more unique. Team emblem is the most important part of each club. Now you can customize the shape, pattern and color of your logo. After the game goal to celebrate the team logo kiss action is not there will be a different feeling!