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FIFA 17 First Update Patch

For players who love football, I believe we will like the FIFA 17; the current game has been officially on sale. Today the official EA official push FIFA 17 first update patch, let's take a look at!

The first is to add the Premiership-style broadcast interface, when the player chooses two Premier League teams to carry out friendly matches or in the Premier League mode of career competition, it will automatically broadcast the image of the Premiership style.

Also before the FIFA 17 fancy action (Skill Moves) will lead to the problem of human separation has been repaired, that is, players can relax in front of the opponent to do all kinds of fancy action in front of the game balance, this update, paste to pass in (even by three long pass) is weakened, increasing the probability of failure in the way of transmission.

Playability: Fixed an issue where the "cancel" operation did not respond after the input was snapped. Fixed a situation where penalty shootouts ended prematurely. Increased the computer AI direct attack tendency. Improving the problem of separation of the ball from the player after a fancy gesture at some point in time. An increase of paste to pass (even by three long pass) the probability of failure. Improves the physics of the ball to lose too much speed after hitting the goal post. Improve the corner goalkeeper station. Improved corner and ball handling when switching the Cheap Fifa 17 Coins player. Have been forced to rescue some of the circumstances, and now players can choose to manually control the ball. Improved the logic of the corner kick header ball. Fixed some bugs in manual celebration. The lens of the dispute can be skipped. Improved shot response. Slightly improved the ball in the air, passing the response.

Club Mode: Increased experience needed to reach a higher competency rating. Fixed a problem where a player's custom face could not be displayed properly in some cases.

UT mode: the difficulty of stand-alone game no longer refers to your computer difficulty setting. Fixed an issue where players were forced to replace injured players in online games. Fixed custom shot and pass text in custom tactics. Career mode: Fixed a number of computers AI will always be the big players to stay on the bench.

Visual effects: an increase of the new 2016/17 season Premier League broadcast packaging. Upgraded the Argentine club igre sports and Sarsfield athletic jerseys, billboards and flags. In the penalty shoot-out when the goalkeeper eventually saves the winning goal, he will celebrate it in the proper way. Solved the selected jersey does not appear in the game. To solve the pre-game practice of dropped frames. Solved in some weather, the players of Kazakh gas and player model separation problem.