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FIFA 16 short term investment techniques

Profitable investment approach is to invest or Fifa Coins not the decisive factor, in general terms, it can be divided into two kinds of short-term and long-term.

Short-term investments is a method I use early in the game, this investment liquidity fast, sell on the spot to buy on the spot, or during the day and night to buy to sell, generally will not remain until the next day. Its advantage is that capital flows fast, low risk, add up, rarely subject to market fluctuations. The downside is obvious that no one can predict significant value. At its heart is "always keep their goods at the lowest price, or the lowest price queue", so that it can make items quickly bought.

Short-term applicable to the acquisition of the game early stages of Puka, Puka less because the initial supply, prices have not dropped dramatically, so have the sale of space. This method takes a lot of time guarding bidding. Have sufficient time for the job, for example, I go to work when you are free to fifa 15 coins ios do file guarding. Too many players, we can not abandon a large group of people, so you can choose a small part of the players every day to follow up, repeated business. Accumulated profits with puerile way.

Short-term stress is flowing fast, sell on the spot to buy on the spot during the day and at night to sell to buy. Because you can ensure the lowest price items, no worries about not sell on the spot. Buy sell during the day at night, because during the day and few people, relatively low prices, European and American players on the line later in the evening, the price will raise the number.

Over time, the card volume continued to Puka large, prices, short-term investments is not much profit to speak of. Can you imagine one thousand to twenty thousand Miranda now buy it? But the market turmoil cheap black card also can be resold, day night to sell cheap to buy, cheap black card is not afraid of loss.