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FIFA 16 Media Review Published

EA Sports trump game FIFA 16 coins is on the market officially, and this media ratings have also been released for the first round.

This year's FIFA16 ultimate team comes back, joined the women' football team the first time. Look at the score below. IGN - 7.8, Digital Spy - 4/5, Bleacher Report - 8/10, GameSpot - 9/10, Polygon - 9/10, New Game Network - 86%, and The Guardian - 5/5.

Viewed from above, we can see that there is the voice of doubt about FIFA series for the first time, and that the FIFA may be no longer the best football game this year.

Of course, the media scores above, in addition to IGN and Ars Techinica, other media highly praised for this work, and even the British Guardian played out. Overall, FIFA 16 has most positive assessment from www.imfifa.co.