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FIFA 16 Legendary Players Scores Dispute

Microsoft recently has published a list of FIFA 16 Xbox exclusive legendary players, while the US team two players scores aroused a lot of controversy.

The rise of American football has become an indisputable fact, which is not only reflected in the US team's performance in the contest, but in the "FIFA Ultimate Team" (FUT) the legendary players in FIFA 16. But the American football rising velocity seems to be a little faster than we estimated in EA concept.

In this exclusive Xbox FUT list of legendary players, EA specially add two legendary American players, namely Lalas and Renton - Donovan. But so many European fans can not accept that EA give Lalas and Donovan 86 scores and 87 scores respectively.

To know that even the defender Hummels only gets 86 in the recent players scores, while Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and old Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti only 85. Donovan's overall rating is higher than Morohito, Muller, Vidal and Boge Ba.

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