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FIFA 15 the latest 4K super clear shots released

FIFA 15 demo has been released, and was followed by many fine HD screenshots and videos. Developed by EA's FIFA 15, scheduled for September 23 sale, the game faithfully reproduce the 20 Premier League football stadium and new players over 200 scanned face, recently, EA released a set of new screenshots, showing these Premiership players entering the football field scene.

In the team appeared in the screenshot, respectively, Tottenham, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester team, please enjoy. In addition to screenshots, as well as the players recorded a 4K resolution video, showing a complete Liverpool play against Manchester City game, but due to limitations of network transmission, video resolution is only 1440p.

And last year's FIFA 14 compared to, PC version of FIFA 15 has a great progress. Ignite it uses the game engine, bringing excellent image quality and dynamic physics effects, so that it can be the most real, the most beautiful football game.

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