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FIFA 15 platinum practical achievement experience sharing

Since FIFA 09 play every year, but until Fifa 15 game platinum power, unexpectedly caught up with to see face down shots, fully played 10 hours to solve the trophy, at the same time also thank the friends help the cup, the group without your cooperation I also solution doesn't open PRO free-kick trophy.

Under the difficult said, fall on the ground shooting don't explain Pure see face, with real Madrid for Saudi, adjustable speed slow rivals, goalkeeper becomes 0, his own set to full defense, minimize his teammates, all that remains is to see a face.

Many people tiptoe loose not untie, explain again, this is not a trophy first shovel, but loose in the running, so don't practice the cross spade shot. Mainly on the ball to compare a few bigger, and then observe the goalkeeper to catch the moment according to the shot, don't tube ball how far is it from you, want is abnormal shot from distance. So, reference not to watch, see the other goalkeeper, should can solve a few times.

Without a cyclotron, is actually hold the L2 long shots, or real Madrid is better solved. Accelerated after a few times, according to the L2 shot after into small steps, real Madrid all the bugs can be basically solved. Or your opponent into a speed of 0.

Another championship trophy is such, selected 32 team in the game, simulation game, then use SL solution, to the next round to win, lose the inventory, finally win the jump. Can a don't need to really kick can be solved. Goal-line clearance this cup, accidentally untie me too, just touched the line, the ball or the net, but was also calculated.

PRO SIMS kicks and a penalty posture of trophies, is me to untie the last cup, thought the two clubs to brush, but don't know why always receive friend's team, but after the field solution. A bit more, but also good, constantly entering an impromptu, rob on both sides of the teammates, if it is ok to get the, method is also about the same, a goalkeeper, a defender, constantly build a free-kick.

That's what I was able to solve. The search less than friends team for reference. Like other shovel ball has a lot of people didn't solve, this is an accumulation of trophies, if don't want to brush, lateral shovel ball positive rates than larger, rainy days than sunny days.  More Fifa 15 game news and cheap Fifa 15 Coins online buy from http://www.imfifa.co/