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FIFA 15 manager mode technical analysis

FIFA 15 players except against another popular model is to the manager, say about open files first squad, according to the initial list or latest update list open files themselves completely, but also in the game there is always to be desired, such as no matter what achievements some teams budget is so little, so some people will leave before the change list.

There is with a small club, but add one or two valuable player, has been not or rent out the list, and in the second or third season season to sell as a financial control of using after all fiscal over a whole can use so a few times in the game, you say visa-free solution? Small clubs to the point of the budget than in the last few seasons which big enough to pay the salary.

Then about division need to be aware of the open time, minor league game date is conflict with international break, because once at the championship league one small demon is mass called into the squad and was forced to give up the game, suggestion is to sign a few free agents, casually put on the bench for a rainy day. To the player's contract when promised team position to the lower, the better. In general are all prepared two sets of squad.

Solutions of discontent about the players, the team coach said suddenly I wasn't satisfied with or asked his place in the team, the first thing to do is in the last three or four games during the month of continuous use, as long as it is good to play regardless of the starting or substitute, sometimes do so at the beginning of next month he will thank you then crisis even lifted.

Want to say must often change formations and tactics, because sometimes on a even a few games before flowing, all of a sudden the next is various, and then affect the mentality, even flat even losing streak, began to think because I'm tired brains don't turn, and handle the mood of the oil is, however, now found that computer is for your football tactics, is not a psychological effect.

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