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FIFA 15 introduced basic dribbling on imfifa

1) the heavy ball, ball, handle the ball

2) accurate contact finally realized, and the motion capture combined with no awkward situation in the future

3) with and without the ball ball player inertia has increased, but there are some ball movement rate or slightly faster than without the ball, sometimes defenders will be a few small ball movement, shaking out a long or very hard

4) normal left the ball rocker judgement is very strong, 90 - or 135 - degree change to often can effectively resolve the defenders on rob, caused to the other party hard straight. In the case of no double, twist to twist is a ball means of insurance. From one side to prevent
The difficulty of keep on rising.

5) the player's actions occur rate faster than 14, the player's movement transition frames a little bit lower than 14. Support foot still have sliding phenomenon, first appeared in the "action" duration is shorter, but basic vision is not obvious.

6) the rate at which the individual feels some ball movement is fast, such as horizontal appel, saved a penalty when goalkeeper transverse around, there are some ordinary dribbling to cohesion.

7) FT punishment not small ball, randomness to further improve. Golf must face many clearance insurance processing, direct positive ball have the risk of failure. This is very good.

8) ordinary ball movement rate and the cohesive personal feeling or stop the ball a little slower, the rate is a little big contrast with dribbling.

And stop the ball motion capture is not updated. "Pick up" and "stop" and "turn" actually can design again a little bit, "she explains. the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is EA football sports tour new hand. Retained the original lines touch screen operation, the traditional way of virtual joystick operation has also been return, passing, off ball, shooting, etc can all be done through a button. The game from the club's season mode, quick game mode, network mode and so on the many kinds of rich patterns.

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