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FIFA 15 homeless PC celebrates its next generation

Last year's FIFA 14 debut in next generation, it's a pity that the PC version of the welfare of the players have not been able to enjoy the new engine. This year's FIFA 15 PC version finally let us get it. EA Sports Ignite engine really liked. New engine but also to the promotion of the graphics can be a small ways, as a sport game to stress the picture is far less than the FPS burn machine.

Ignite the engine for the next generation to build, known as the sports game of Frostbite. The engine developed by EA Canada and EA Tiburon work together for many years. Ignite the engine according to the official introduction of new technology will make the game player AI to life. They would like people to think about analysis of the real world, actively respond to the pitch of all kinds of situation. From the actual game, indeed, the action of "look" at least the players than before series of truth.

Under a tough opponent's strategy consciousness will be more strong, they will to situation consider whether to participate in the physical confrontation between, the game process with intricate passing and movement. As the AI also learned to think independently. But sometimes this kind of design is not necessarily can get twice the result with half the effort, even for some players, because even if the players ready to detail more, also can only be concentrated in a short span of more than ten minutes in a game;Compared with stunts and cut scenes in front of people may be more persuasive.

Animation effect also benefit from the new engine performance, the role of motion response more real, including the specialty of each player action, ornamental extremely big strong wind model. In addition also appears to be on points mirror processing gradually get rid of the rigid. Animation as a whole is still pay attention to realism, but strictly speaking this although look like a real football game, but the sense is not very strong, and professional style of explanation, it's easy to let non-core players, in a real balance between entertainment and master still need further perfect.

AI and motion capture tend to improve the user experience from within, from the perspective of external intuitive to see is the special effects, materials and modeling. FIFA 15 external promotion compared with the original is not so obvious, because of the PC version is primarily thanks to replace the engine.

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