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    First, before a few FIFA 15 player attacking options:

1. Pass: weakened indeed, but only distance, so close, and the defender seems to have weakened, basic can pull a pass to get the ball past defender two body.

2. Bottom: not before end of the party, do not comment, but according to the current playing down feeling, should be mainly weakens the header, is very difficult because the corner, not to attack before the goalkeeper to leng where he was, goalkeeper now 90% of active attack the ball directly to the walk away.

3. The header: should be greatly weakened, because the goalkeeper's growth, to pass the placement of judge accurately. So it should be said is not header, is no header opportunity!

   FIFA's 15 biggest changes:

1. Individual dribbling, body, quality, speed, overall: need key combination to make the dribbling past actions, now you just need to up and down or so nudges rocking bar can make, for defense is not very good players, because everyone can easily make all kinds of fancy moves, has more than start a one-stop direct goal, this is hard to make in the FIFA 14, because do not pay attention to you can visit the ball a little too much, a defender is slow, FIFA 15 also can appear on the ball is too big, pulling, but once in front of the body quality, speed up, basic it is hard to catch up with, even if caught up with, as there will not be too big, and if FIFA 14 May have been totally slow down can't move.

2. Rub shot: this many people have mentioned, FIFA 15 updates, seems to be weakened, less accurate, rubbing his shot over a long distance so fast.

3. Pass: the same is a line of teammates, FIFA 14 as long as the press's strong point, will be passed on to the far point of teammates, but FIFA 15 May be passed to the front of his teammates. Can be operated and direction, the direction need you to have a more accurate operation. Rather than about the direction can be spread to the person who you want to pass.

4. Shot: now shoot only dare to gently shot, because according to FIFA's shot 14 habit, will appear directly to play all kinds of plane, also dare not power, into the box, the goalkeeper normal shoot out to feel the ball in the FIFA 14 is stable, the result was the goalkeeper saves.

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