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FIFA 15 game pictures have improved much

Besides Fifa 15 games weather systems have evolved, the rain in the rainy day is the effect of light through the court look just like live television, athletes get wet shirt on the fold also changed. In snow also can experience a bitterly cold, athletes on the pitch in his mouth to vomit a white spirit, the body is the hot blood was surging.

Officially cancelled before the audience in this animation, replaced by the new AI independently, and can express their true feelings reflected in detail. To follow with every goal when the audience cheered, if careful observation will find in the replays, a reflection of the audience is really different, this played an important role on the foil atmosphere. At that moment in order to be truly feel the charm of football games bring unique experience.

And predecessor, images of the FIFA 15 games set adjustable content is still very limited, including resolution, according to quality, MSAA anti-aliasing, a total of four vertical synchronization. Due to the next generation host performance boost. Originally PC platform on the resolution of edge is gradually weakened. Compared to obtain more sufficient frames smooth experience is more important.

This PC version is satisfactory. In the test machine E3 1230 v2 + GTX760 + 8 g configuration, picture is set to 1920 * 1920 resolution, highest quality, 4 x MSAA anti-aliasing. The game process can easily exceed 100 frames, up to about 150 frames. While the playback state of floating between 70 to 90 frames. Absolutely perfect operation. As long as it is the mainstream computer configuration should be can do. Of course to test need to shut down the vertical synchronization, so often there will be a tear. Recommend open vertical synchronization under the condition of normal play. Even 30 lock on fluency is still acceptable.

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