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FIFA 15 demo experience on iMFifa.COM

FIFA series always will be a classic football game, although more than half 2014 just past, FIFA 15 has quietly came, since the first FIFA game launched in 1993, the game has been with us.

Nearly two years the mobile version of the FIFA, Messi t does endorsements, unexpectedly FIFA15 also is Lionel Messi. Despite failing to win the World Cup, but the number of his fans only grow.The editor really think FIFA make up quality has reached the peak. So we can know image quality has always been pursued by EA in order to bring players more realistic experience.

After entering the game, first we must select a country, the setting lasted  FIFA 14 generation. Come to create a dedicated team, We can adjust the degree of understanding by teammating direct formations, so that we can more effectively improve the quality of passing the ball.

FIFA 15 biggest bright spot is the operation, and more the gesture. While the difficulty has increased, playability is greatly improved.Coupled with the perfect quality, as well as a variety of rich set of human nature. You can not say it is the most excellent football game series.

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